Admission: The Journey of Grief For Parents For Parents and Families Who Have Children With Special and Unique Needs

Admission:  The Journey of Grief For Parents For Parents and Families Who Have Children With Special and Unique Needs

SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT.  We have all been there. It’s that gnawing, unsettling feeling that grows in the most guttural place of our being. It creeps into our minds at night when we are trying to get rest. It enters our thoughts during the day as we are working and conversing with those around us. We try to talk it away, rationalize it away hope it away and yet that uncomfortable feeling DOES NOT GO AWAY.  It’s almost like a voice in our head that is speaking to us quietly at first but we are too afraid to listen.  It’s not until that voice starts screaming that we must finally confront it and verbalize what we have known but often have refused to admit. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY CHILD. 

This movement in the cycle of grief is one that is very hard to confront. In confronting “what is”, we are taking the first step in actually facing the truth and that means that the story we had envisioned for our child is one that is no longer applicable. This is a very scary time for sure.

As a mother of a child with unique and special needs I must admit that the movement of Admission was probably the one that caused me the most intense personal anxiety. Early on with my child I often felt like I was given a 1000 piece puzzle with two-thirds of it missing and yet I was still believing that I could successfully put that puzzle together. I just needed to try to arrange the pieces differently and I could make it work. There were always signs this wasn’t working but I tried to use commons sense to explain things that weren’t adding up to me.  I was certain I could figure it out by myself because that is what good mothers do don’t they? They figure out ways to make things better for their children.

It wasn’t until the voice in my head was incessant 24/7 that I began to utter the words out loud to my closest confidants that I had concerns about my precious child… then I cried.

As Parents of Children with Unique and Special Needs John Ball and I UNDERSTAND the emotional turmoil that moms and dads experience and must come to terms with in order to find not only help for their children but also THEMSELVES.

Celebrate Hope is all about helping those that are hurting. We want you to live your best life possible and find peace and hope. We also want you to know that we care and we CAN help you work through the difficult stages of Grief like Admission.

Reach out to Celebrate Hope to explore ways that we can partner with you. You are not alone.

We will continue with this series that we have entitled, “The Movement of Grief”.   Next week we will be talking about the second movement of grief, “Shock and Denial”.   We trust that this will prove to be a helpful resource for you as you traverse your own journey in being a parent of a child with special and unique needs.

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