Moving From Crisis To Hope

Moving From Crisis To Hope


Isolation, fear, anxiety, loneliness, insatiable pain, fatigue,  desperation, survival.   These words and so many more are merely inadequate descriptors of the journey that those who have children with special and unique needs experience.  For those who have come to know this way of life as their new reality, each day is met with unique challenges which only complicate a parents emotional, mental, physical health and the relationships that are a part of the fabric of their lives.   The focus on the needs of the child becomes all to consuming.   Visits to physicians and therapists, phone calls, text messages and emails to and from educators, mitigating behavioral issues, physical challenges, emotional breakdowns, managing schedules, financial burdens and so much more characterize the day in the life of a parent.   All of these responsibilities are above and beyond the work that we do to sustain life for ourselves and our family.  As exhausting as all of this might be, it is embodied in our love, devotion and care for our children.

These experiences, along with the commonality of having children with special and unique needs is what led to a budding relationship between Lisa and I along with our families.   The relationship that we shared as families became a source of love, support and comfort for the independent journey that each of us were on.   There is much gratitude that we express for having the privilege to share such an intimate journey.   Along they way, in countless conversations that we shared, we were enlightened by an obvious observation.   Countless resources and systems of support are readily available for the needs of our children, a simple Google search will substantiate this fact.   There is a sobering truth in the midst of this, outside of professional counseling, very little support is available for these parents.  

It was out of this void that Celebrate Hope came to be.   Our vision is simple.   We partner with parents and families as we help them move from a place of crisis and then transition to a place of hope.  We have a heart and passion for families as they traverse this challenging journey.   We strongly believe that when we take the initiative to care for ourselves and make sure that our needs are being met, it is then that we can be so much more for those who we care for.   Our model for support is threefold:

1) seminars  – we offer a full scope of seminars which includes “Moving from Crisis to Hope”, “Healthy Communication”, “Developing Systems of Support”.   In addition, we offer empathy training along with seminars for healthy communication for those who work directly with the families they serve.

2) monthly group coaching sessions  – these sessions provide a customized experience in which coping skills will be further defined, tested and honed to provide on going monthly support and coaching for the unique challenges that parents face.

3) one-on-one coaching – this provides individualized support and coaching for those parents who need more personal attention.

All of the work that we do takes us into partnerships  with educational systems, corporations, religious organizations and other non-profits to help create and foster systems of support for their employees and the people that they serve.   If you are more interested in more information about the services that we provide and receiving the help that you, a loved one or employee may need be sure to contact us at john.ball@celebratehopellc.com or http://lisa.goyette@celebratehopellc.com.   We would also urge you to check out our website at www.celebratehopellc.com

Be sure to follow our weekly blog.  Over the next several weeks, we will be focusing on the movement of grief  beginning with admission and concluding with hope and how it applies to your life.