How We Help

From the earliest stages of life, we begin to formulate dreams and write our life story. One that is filled with aspirations as to how we want our lives to take shape. Some of these dreams include pursuit of a particular career, relationships to obtain, travel plans and possibly starting a family. These dreams speak to the exciting adventure that is afforded in this life. Some of these dreams will come to fruition while others may never happen.

These unmet dreams can bring confusion, pain, sorrow and devastation and will require a new story to be written.

For those that know what it is like for life not to be what you had hoped for, Celebrate Hope LLC seeks to partner with you as you traverse the journey from devastation to hope and help you rewrite your story.  Lisa and John not only have the training and experience to help you work through what you are dealing with but they have the skills to bring you to a place of hope.

Lisa and John look forward to helping those that reach out with a compassionate spirit and an understanding, non-judgmental presence that will empower you to take the necessary steps to move forward.

We Provide:

  • Workshops offered at schools, businesses, non-profit organizations.
  • More intimate support in smaller group settings.
  • Regular maintenance for ongoing needs.