Lisa Goyette is one of two Co-Founders of Celebrate Hope LLC which empowers people to live out their best lives both professionally and personally. Lisa has a wealth of experience from working in the business world for 22 years as a skilled Program and Contract Manager, Negotiator, and Presenter.

Her career started at the Federal Government in the field of Procurement. She moved into the private business sector working in the high-paced and demanding field of Program Management for a large aerospace engineering firm that manufactures jet turbine engines for business jets and cruise missile engines. Through this work, she developed a suite of business skills that she calls upon in the initiatives she is hired for with Celebrate Hope.

Lisa’s has a heart and passion to empower people to improve the skills they are lacking in and to teach them how to transfer the skills they are excelling in through mentorship. She conducts seminars, professional development training, Coaching, and Personal Assessments and facilitates numerous support groups.  In all of the work Lisa does, she utilizes a lens of empathy to care for the person first so that they can reach their highest potential. She has helped countless men and women work through complex situations, impacting both their professional and personal lives.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University and is a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach from the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence Training.

 Lisa has sat on several boards to help marginalized children and is involved in advocacy at a community and state level. She additionally is involved in community outreach.

Lisa Goyette: 248-330-8493,