Who We Support: Educational Systems

Who We Support: Educational Systems

You are not just an educator. You serve as a guide, mentor, friend, caretaker, advocate, a counselor and in many cases a parent figure. There is so much more to what you do than solely providing instruction. You are changing the world!

We are here for you and the families that you serve.

How We Help You and Your Educational Teams:

  • We provide a number of options for seminar based instruction in the areas of healthy communication, empathy training and emotional intelligence to name a few.
  • We are certified coaches through the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence. We work with individuals and/or groups through assessments and coaching to help them gain a better understanding of their own social and emotional intelligence while working to leverage their strengths and to increase the areas in need of growth. Educational systems benefit when staff members are more conscious of “self” of “others” and of their surroundings.

How We Help Your Parent Population:

  • We provide a variety of seminars in areas such as: The Journey Of Grief, The Power Of Flexibility, The Necessity of Acceptance, The Value of Balance, Creating Systems of Support, and Rewriting YOUR Story, just to name a few
  • Monthly group coaching: We assist parents in navigating the challenges that they face in having a child with special and unique needs. These gatherings are tailored to the unique needs of each parent as we provide support and then empower them to face the challenges that stand before them.

We would love to have the opportunity to partner with you!