Who We Are

Celebrate Hope founders John Ball and Lisa Goyette joined forces with a shared vision:

Even when faced with the most difficult of life’s circumstances, the gift of HOPE is there for the taking for all of us. We just need to learn how to find it.

John and Lisa are no strangers to situations that have shaken them to their core and left them as changed individuals. They have had to rebuild dreams and rewrite new stories for themselves that they never dreamed possible. Through it all they learned a great deal about themselves and the world we all walk in. Simply put, they are passionate about helping those that are struggling on a large or small scale and need the help to move forward.

Celebrate Hope partners with anyone needing help such as:

  • Parents of children with unique and special needs.
  • Educators looking to better support the families they encounter.
  • Business people struggling with issues that impact their performance (personal and professional)

We conduct seminars and offer skilled coaching at a group and individual level. Additionally we provide Social and Emotional Intelligence Evaluations and on-going support as needed.

John and Lisa provide these services they only way they know how – Being Real, Being Authentic, and Being Raw. Let Celebrate Hope help you live your best life possible.