John has spent the majority of his career empowering people to move beyond the status quo, breaking barriers that hold them back, while tapping into their full potential.  John demonstrates a great deal of empathy for the life that people are currently living while challenging them to reach for more.   John is real, he is authentic and he is passionate. He is committed to extending compassion, encouragement, and support to all people in an inclusive and embracing fashion.  He has a genuine love for people and for the work that he does.

John’s portfolio includes work that he has successfully accomplished in for-profit and non-profit entities.  He has demonstrated his effectiveness while helping to cultivate healthy and productive organizations and most importantly people who are a part of them.  He is skilled at assisting individuals to be more aware of who they and who others are while being conscious of how their behaviors affect the relationships that they engage in both personally and professionally.  He is effective in assisting an empowering those he works with to institute change when necessary in non-threatening and affirming ways. 

John graduated from Ferris State University with a degree in tool design and a bachelor’s degree in marketing and sociology from the University of Michigan.  In addition, he has a master’s degree in leadership.  John is a certified social/emotional intelligence coach through the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence.  He is also a public speaker, and coach through “Celebrate Hope.”

John Ball: 989-980-7699,